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What Are Circles?

Legend of the Wren

Keeping It Simple.

Celebrate the Solstice

Spiritual Ancestry

How to Feel Subtle Energy in 5 Minutes

How the Universe Conspires to Put You on Your Path

Is It Right to Charge for the Gifts of Spirit?

Asking Your Guides, and Keys to Universal Mind

Legend of the Wren

7 Pointers to Master Mirror Gazing

Is It a Spirit Visitation Dream?

Can You See Auras?

Can Psychic Predictions Become Prophecy?

Tips & Tricks to Balancing Your Psychic Lifestyle

Can You Manifest with Meditation?

Spiritual Awakening Course

Tips & Tricks for Being Psychic

Connecting with Your Inner Self + Halloween Traditions

The Wren: Laurel Run, Meeting Marsia Gardner – Librarian

Is Time a Spiritual Concept? Earth Card Oracle Message for the Week.

If You Could Choose Your Thoughts

Is Someone Absorbing Your Energy?

Creating Mandala Meditation Tool

13 Steps to Record Ghost Voices; Trust Your Psychic Self; Do and Don't

Are You Inundated with Spirit Visitors?

6 Ways to Raise Healthy Psychic Kids

The Wren

Poltergeist? 6 Ways of Knowing

Ongoing Novel "Legend of The Wren" by Melissa Leath

Where You Born a Medium? Play it again.

Dream Communication with Your Ancestors

Superhero Protection

Can Excessive Empathy Over-Ground You?

7 Foolproof Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

What Is UltraSense?

Has Your Loved One Already Reincarnated?

Empath Workshop

Crystals Book, etc.

The Wren

Are You Consciously Moving from One Dimension into Many?

How to Conduct a Seance

4 Types of Retrocognition

Programming Your Mind

The Art of Inner Alchemy (Class Material)

Orbs and Photographic Spiritual Unfoldment

Folklore? Shapeshifters and Skinwalkers


My Novel, The Wren

Strange Sounds of the Didgeridoo

Black Holes and Portals

Things Don't Always Go as Planned


The Many Ways of Contentment

Ghosts: Earthbound Spirits, Part Two

3 Ways to Use Gratitude for Success

Ghosts: Psychology of Earthbound Spirits - Part One

Legend of the Wren

How to Recognize Mind Interference/How to Protect Yourself.

7 Life Lessons I Learned as a Psychic Medium

How to Lighten Up Your Frequency

Power of Silence

Understanding Energy Implants

Miscellaneous Metaphysical Facts

Maybe You Should Question Your Psychic

Could You Have Ascension Symptoms ?

The Quality of Your Life

Can You Control Your Feelings?

The Best Place to Express Your Soul?

Connect with Your Soul-Group

Don't Throw Your Energy Away

Strengthen and Expand Your Abilities

The Joy of Just Being

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Have You Received Messages from Spirit?

Knowing and Accepting Everything is Divine

Is Your Soul in Renaissance Mode?

Ancient Shamans

Are You Woke?

Through Indigo’s Eyes

Evolution Through Revolution

Universal Mind

Congratulations to me!

Forgiving Is a Tricky Thing

Is Your Focus 3-D or Etheric?

The Wren - My Next Book

To Drink or Not to Drink

Dying to Be Me, My Journey from Cancer to Near Death

Why is Trying So Difficult?

Spirit Guide Web-class

Meditate at the Post Office?

Negative Energies? 9 Ways to Know

Talking to Trees

A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth

Legend of the Wren

Wake Up! Regenerate Yourself

You Are an Astral Spirit Being

Three Ways to Use Gratitude for Success

Follow Your Mystical Bliss

Are You a Natural Detoxer?

Are You Trying to Fix an Emotion?

Indigo Kids and Their Parents

Sacred Blessings to Light Your Way,

Groundhog Day Surprise

A Child’s Near-Death Experience

Visioning - Energy Flow?

Mayan Elders and Thirteen Crystal Skulls Ceremony

Do You Have Boundaries?

How I Lost It

Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

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Holding Your Power

Karma and Divine Source