Great post! I am proud of you, friend. ❤ By nature, I am a positive person. My life has been full of tragedy and heartache, which has taught me resilience and compassion. I choose to keep those stories behind me instead of wearing them like a badge of honor or letting them define me. I stay in the here and now as much as possible, and choose to focus on what's going right instead of what's going wrong. Being a highly sensitive being, it is a matter of survival for me. Other people see it as a Pollyanna approach, but I do believe we all have to manage in whatever way feels best for each of us. I choose to be a beacon, although it takes a lot of self care to stay balanced and effective. We all bear the weight of the world in our own way. Some need to be warriors, and some hold the light. I am well aware of the horrors happening, but I cannot immerse myself in them and function. We have to be able to see past the broken world to visualize and give birth to a new one. Bravo for asking folks to consider this and give their opinion!

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