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Who Is in Your Soul Group?

Who Is in Your Soul Group?

With this meditation you can connect with your group of soul relationships.

Are you part of a Soul Group? Of course you are! We all are.

Before your human life begins, you resided in a nondescript space of love. In this space, called Soul Group, we all exist and share with other spirit beings. Many Souls remain in that realm of vibrational energy (Causal Plane). They may be there to support other incarnated Souls experiencing lives in real time.  So you have much help in your life from your Soul Group.

The truth of it – as far as I understand today – is that we all are part of a huge Over Soul. As we experience different lifetimes, Over Soul divides into groups of similar experience - Soul Groups. A Soul from your group doesn’t have to be in human form. But the more it incarnates into the third dimensional body, the more experience it receives.

Each human lifetime and shared experience with the Soul Group becomes one full experience, directed by purpose. So, each human incarnation is assisted by the others in the Soul Group to achieve it.

Each group has a collection of souls who have experienced this earthly life together in one form or another. Since you are so familiar with each other, then a bond has been formed. All who belong to this group progress together in similar ways through understanding and spiritual growth.

You will recognize the souls from your group more easily after experiencing this meditation. Since you are all associated through spirit, then you can communicate on the spirit-level.

Meditation creates the environment for you to connect with them. It enhances your abilities to focus in one direction and not be interrupted by other-earthly events or thoughts.

As you regularly use this meditation, you will commune with all the souls in your particular group: those that are not in the physical body right now and those who will be coming into your physical reality soon.

You will know without a doubt when you meet one of your Soul group members. Be sure to thank your higher self for being so loving and to assist you in all your encounters.


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This Soul-Group Meditation was originally created to share on Tammi Rager’s Living In the Now Age on Talktainment Radio, by Melissa Leath.

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