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Just a Quick Note

Just a Quick Note

Well, it's a catch-up on things

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Hey, it’s me ~ just popping in for a few minutes. Yes, this is a surprise visit.

Oh, Did You Know?

Your regular Mystic’s Journal Entry will still come out on Tuesdays. And just so you know, there is an upgrade version of the Journal that comes out on weekends (usually Saturday). It is what I call My Inner Circle and is for paid subscribers (it’s only $5 a month to be in the Inner Circle). I delve deeper into metaphysical topics and share content from my workshops and guided meditations, will include podcasts too. A fuller experience.


Questions and Answers

Q. Can lower entities bother me? Where do they come from?

A. Within this Etheric Plane, besides the guides and loved ones that we communicate with, are also lower entities and energies. This can be a collection of negative thought forms, random tricksters, and the spirits of low-level individuals. They want to stay connected in a physical way and are focused on causing confusion on the physical plane. It is necessary to be aware of these levels so you can avoid them. It all boils down to the awareness of what information you are receiving and how it feels. Discernment is everything. Creating your own Power Field will automatically raise you above this astral garbage Area. (Power Field is covered in the May 22, 2022, Journal. Prepare Yourself to Make First Contact with Your Spirit Guides)

Q. Do you have to ask for your Spirit Guides' help?

A. You must ask your Spirit Guides for their assistance. And while Spirit Guides will help up to a point, there are "spiritual laws" that keep them from interfering with your live. You always have "Free Will", and guides cannot interfere with your freedom to choose.

They will try to get your attention if you're not tuning into them. That's part of the reason they agreed to be your guides. If you want the teachings they have for you, then you have to ask for it, and then listen. Your guides are willing to help in any way they can, but you have to live our own life!

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Upcoming Ideas for Journal Entries

In the near future you can find out the difference between spirits and ghost hauntings. Also, we’ll check on free will, black sheep, intuitive kids, and I’ll share some mini meditations. And exploring video podcasts!

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A Mystics Journal
Are You a Mystic?
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