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How to Be in Control of Your Spirit Communication

How to Be in Control of Your Spirit Communication

What Are Subtle Bodies Good For?

Much of the post today is taken from my book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics. It shows experiences of mediums from the early days of Spiritualism and Mediumship. The information is good, and you will benefit from it. But I probably spent too much time on the negative or negligent use of Subtle Bodies (energy centers in the body). -sorry about that!

I’ve already written about the Power Field Technique to raise your vibrations — a way of reaching out to your guides. Now I’m going to share some important information that can help you tremendously. Learning to Open to Spirit Vibration will help you in your development of spirit communication. It is surrounding the use (or non-use) of the body’s energy centers (subtle bodies).

Opening Up Your Subtle Bodies

The best way to open to your guides is to understand subtle bodies. This work is dealing with and being aware of subtle energies. The more you use it, the more your subtle energy fields (or etheric and emotional bodies of the aura) open-up to connect with the entity. This is not the normal condition for the aura of most people. Those who do not engage their spirit guides have very tightly connected subtle bodies, as they were designed to be for physical use.

During the unfoldment process, mediums adjust their energy fields to accommodate the phenomenon of spirit communication. This can be done in a very safe manner if taught over a long period of time.

(A little history that I have witnessed…)

I know, it sounds very strange. Mediums from the earlier days (1800-1950) allowed their whole essence to be used by the spirits of loved ones who passed over. They were willing to let the outside entity take full control of the body and aura. This proved to be very harmful to the medium over a period of time.

Several things happened because of prolonged control: on a small scale, the medium in question trusted the entity so much she allowed the control to take place on a regular basis. She lost all control of her own faculties, or five senses. When you rely too much on an outside source, you lose your own ability to reason things out.

Another result of allowing constant spirit control is the physical body and emotional aspect of self is deteriorated. I saw it happen in my early years of study. Several mediums enjoyed the attention and financial gain of producing séance.

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They engaged the spirit entity much more than should be: Usually giving two séances each day for two or three days in a row. The physical body cannot deal properly with this practice because it is not a physical event. So, it takes a period of time to recuperate from it. Many mediums have developed early diabetes as a result of repeated use as an instrument or died at an early age.

The emotional aspect is in peril. The emotional body in the aura helps the development of the person—the ability to deal with issues of the world in a normal manner. If the emotional body is constantly adjusted to accommodate spirit communication, it becomes shifted out of place, or loose, resulting in the inability to deal with things in the physical world.

On another level, there is speculation as to why some people become mentally unstable. Many mental patients think they are well known personalities or hear voices telling them to do upsetting things. Their subtle bodies may have become detached, therefore, making it difficult to deal with the physical world, and open to the control of outside entities.

What Subtle Bodies Are

There are seven energetic layers around the physical body, which create the auric body system (aura). These are called Subtle Bodies.

There are three (3) lower subtle bodies that process energies dealing with the physical plane. And there are three (3) higher subtle bodies that deal with the spiritual plane, and process the high-level energies from the upper realms, or heavens.

There is one (1) middle subtle body, known as the astral, which is the bridge between the lower and higher bodies. It acts as a buffer and transitional point. Some believe this is the area that helps to ground the higher-level energies into the body.

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How the Subtle Bodies Work

Normally, the subtle bodies are close and tight along the body, as a form of protection. However, in a fully developed Spirit Medium, the subtle bodies are loosely connected. This is not the normal circumstance.

As the medium’s subtle bodies are open, this allows complete exposure so that the spirit entity can (with permission) temporarily take control of the medium’s physical etheric body. This open state is one that potential mediums strive for, to communicate with spirits. But it is a learned talent, and they are able to open and close at will.

4 Ways Subtle Bodies Can Be Opened

1. When being empathic and compassionate in normal caring situations

2. On purpose during unfoldment for spirit communication

3. Born wide open as with indigo/crystal children

4. Through trauma, near death experiences, severely high fevers, shock, fear (as with chiller movies, etc.)

I think of the subtle bodies looking like seven umbrellas opening up completely. While this process goes on, the medium surrenders some of their own personal etheric energy so the spirit entity can manifest in some way. Each time you accomplish the connection with Opening the Subtle Bodies, be sure to give yourself ample time to recuperate from it. Self-care is important especially when you are developing mediumship.

This surrender of personal energy, in itself, can be very draining to the person. If done on too many occasions, without time for recuperation in between, it can be physically disabling. So, take your time when pursuing this type of development.

When used properly this technique is easy and safe. Today’s mediumship is much easier and gentler than it was in the early days. I want you to be aware of both sides of spirit communication. There are many ways, so you are to find what works best for you.

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